Signavio Process Editor: BPMN modeling & simulation

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The Signavio Process Editor, is a leading cloud-based (SaaS) or on-premises software that features professional process design, including: conformance to BPMN 2.0 standard, edit-time validation and iconic auto-completion that enforces BPMN syntactic correctness, XML roundtrip for process execution with Activiti or jBPM, communication of processes and related documentation through the process portal, detailed reporting including process cost calculation and resource requirements.

An important feature of Signavio is that it separates process modeling from execution (automation). Signavio provides valid, optimized process models that are fully standard-compliant and therefore fully portable to any execution environment, where the BPMN XML is transformed into WS-BPEL XML (Web Services Business Process Execution Language).

Another unique feature of Signavio's editor is the ability to create Business Decision Management (DMN) models. DMN is a recent OMG standard that bridges the gap between business decision design and decision implementation. Using DMN in parallel to the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) simplifies complex processes by allowing business rules logic to be defined and incorporated into process models, making them more manageable and comprehensible.

Signavio partners with a number of leading BPA software vendors, offering its users the alternative of swift transformation of their BPMN models into executable web services processes. The execution partners are:

  • » SAP Netweaver BPM
  • » Activiti
  • » camunda
  • » Red Hat jBPM (open source)
  • » Perceptive Software Saperion
  • » TIM Solutions

Signavio is a certified SAP partner, primarily concerning SAP Netweaver BPM suite. The model, developed by Signavio editor, is imported into Netweaver's Process Composer and the process is manually enhanced to arrive at an executable model. Further, the process is compiled and packed into a deployment archive to be executed on Process Server. As a specialized BPMN model editor, Signavio offers several features that are not available in Netweaver's Composer. It is indeed among the most effective process modeling tools available today.


» Business Process Modeling with BPMN

» Business Policy & Process documentation


» Effective and flexible BPMN editing

» HTML5 rich Web-based BPMN editor

» Deadlock and mis-synchronization resolution

» Model simulation to optimize performance

» Model documentation in MS Word, Excel, PDF

» Models portable to any execution vendor

» Several leading partner execution vendors

» Partner-provided ISO compliance models for IT

Signavio template models for IT governance by partner:
Dipl.-Ing. Walter Abel
Management Consulting

» ISO 20K (IT Service Management / ITIL)

» ISO 9000 (Quality Management)

» ISO 27K (Information Security Management)

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