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offered services

Lexis eServices offer consultancy and solution development services as an affiliate reseller to several quality third party providers. Explained below the distinction between the added value sevices that we provide and the actual third party provided online business services (or e-services).

Our professional services

We offer our clients one or more of the following professional services, depending on context and requirements:

E-service management is the actual remote handling of service operations, including:

Third party e-services

Working with leading providers in their respective areas, we support clients in locating, acquiring, customizing, and operating a wide range of online services:

Subscription to services

What advantages does the managed Internet-based sourcing offer the service consumer?

Pricing our services depends on the type and scale of the third party service subscribed to, as well as the requested level of our involvement as described above. It is likely that a client would be making separate payments to ourselves and to the third party provider.

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