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Professionals and business users often need to have full access to their ICT resources, while on the road. Using laptops alone does not resolve all issues. The following issues are involved and need be considered:

Data portability is easily achieved by carrying a reliable Flash memory (capacities have reached 32 GB) or a portable 3.5 inch hard disk if needing storage capacities in the order of 100's of GB. In fact, 2.5 inch and even 1.8 inch hard disks with over 100GB capacities and reasonable access times are becoming available. There is also the revolutionary SDD 9or Solid State Drive), which has no mechanical parts and has an almost equivalent area as a credit card.

Application portability

Online application portability is two fold:

If the user is part of an organization that has an intranet and own-hosted applications, then remote VPN access is clearly the solution.

However, in the absence of an intranet such as the case of small businesses or independent professionals; there needs to be a way to carry applications around.

The best known solution is to carry a flash memory drive with U3 software installed, which is essentially a layer that interfaces to Windows registry to enable portable installation of most essential online applications and some offline applications. U3 applications supported include:

An evolving freware alternative to U3 is PortableApps.com, where all application private data remains within the install folder. Since the last does not require the installation of any middle ware on your portable drive, it is strongly recommended to try and see if the applications supported cover your portability needs and work as expected. Most above applications, or equivalent are supported. You actually download a "portable" version of each, which is not the same installable version as the regular one, but is developed and published by the same software provider.