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Email services

Businesses and collaborating professionals that prefer to avoid running their own mail servers can subscribe to reasanbly priced secure managed email services. Business class email subscription has the following advantages:


Hushmail is well known for providing secure and highly reliable hosted mail services for businesses and individuals. It offers the following advantages to businesses who wish to outsource their email services:

PocoMail (an email client you should try)

For users needing maximum portability and effective management of multiple accounts, we recommend PocoMail; which features strong scripting and customization capability, flexible mail sorting and archiving, and can be run from an external storage device like a flash memory. End-to-end security can be achieved by congifuring PGP encryption. Click on the icon to try or purchase PocoMail.

Instant messaging (IM)

There is a multitude of application clients that can be setup to accomodate business IM.

Due to its well integration with telephony applications, security and performance advantages, we recommend and support the Skype client.

Cross-platform messaging

Gateways between the Internet on one hand and both public fixed and mobile phone networks enable several cost-saving conveniences.