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In today's services oriented networking environment, businesses can choose to focus on core activities and to outsource the implementation and management of much of its supporting IT and communications infrastructure. Professional practices needing global access and collaboration can operate with few technology and cost burdens.

Broadband Internet access is now available almost worldwide. As an alternative to maintaining servers and expensive leased lines, services can be seamlessly sourced to specialized providers.

This allows a flexible and cost effective intranet-like environment to grow as the business grows, adapt to changes in requirements, and take advantage of new technologies.

A suit of independent Internet services can be carefully selected and customized to match the business exact needs, while overcoming the traditional performance and security concerns of the public Internet.

The availability of low-cost broad bandwidth, by different alternative means, and the tuning of network and application protocls have enabled real time communications services to be carried over the Internet, with a performance nearly matching that of private networks.

The use of open source SSL encryption technology to encapsulate network applications has alleviated the security issues involved in using the Internet as a business infrastructure.

Our vision is that businesses at different scales would be able to operate securely, utilizing the most advanced Internet-based ICT solutions, with few restraints and affordable subscription fees.

Our mission is to bring, customize, and manage the "fittest" Internet-based ICT solutions to cost-aware businesses and serious collaborating profesionals.

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