Lexis eServices charges its clients for the added value of one or more professional services and not for the actual provider internet-based service. Therefore, we estimate our dues based on the time spent and the skill involved in the support we offer our client. This support may be prior to, during, and/or after the actual sale of the third party service.

As we receive your request, we will provide free consultation until your requirements are clarified. If you choose to work with us, we will offer you an estimated hourly-based costing and a payment schedule (if the work involves multiple phases).

Once the amount and schedule have been agreed, we will send you an invoice by email, containing a link to the page where you could make payment.

Making payments according to our contracted schedule takes place through 2Checkout.com, an authorized retailer for all services and products directly purchased from or subscribed to through Lexis eServices. A confirmation email is sent by 2Checkout.com, which acts as your receipt and our work order.

2Checkout.com accepts

Our part of your cost will be based on the following estimates:

Refund policy

We will provide a full refund of your last payment, whether it is an increment according to a contracted schedule or a monthly fee, if you indicated that you are not satisfied with the level of service and provided us your reasons.


  1. 2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer for Lexis eServices.

  2. Unless you authorize Lexis eServices to procure the "subject matter" third party Internet service or other product on your behalf, as part of the setup process, all third party provider services directly subscribed to or purchased from the provider are charged by that provider through the link that we provide you and according to the respective provider's acceptable payment means. 2Checkout.com shall not be involved in payments you make directly to an internet-based services provider that we have recommended.