Advantages for ITSM documentation

ITSM related documention may be categorized in the following way:
  1. ITSM standards and specifications documents such as those produced by OGC and itSMF.
  2. ITSM knowldge development and management in the form of informative and analytic documents (books, articles, ...) that educate practitioners about the value and methodology of adopting best practices. An example is the set of downloadable documents at ITSM portal.
  3. ITSM gloassaries and dictionaries defining and maintaining best practices terminology, which may be produced as stand-alone books or as appendices within books.
  4. Actual ICT provider organizational specifications of ITSM policies, processes, and procedures. Preset templates can be written to enable encouraging (or enforcing) conistent editing and publishing environments within an rganization or across related organizations.

DITA can be effectively applied to harmonize and maintain any of the above mentioned document types. Each of the following chapters elaborates the exploration of DITA utility towards the respective type of documentation.