ITSM knowledge development with DITA

In the recognized knowledge pyramid model, knowledge is composed of information. DITA topics feature modular and re-usable information containers, out of which different harmonized knowledge dissemination chanels can be synthesized.

Once maps are setup and output documents are generated, editing a topic or re-arranging a book map, can be seamlessly propagated to the publishing medium by simply re-generating output.

DITA source topic and map editors are abundant and inexpensive. Output processors are available as part of the DITA Open Toolkit. There are three steps involved in applying DITA to a knowledge portal like the ITSM Portal:
  1. Structuring information content into typed topics
  2. Setting up maps to generate documents (knowledge streams) addressing different isseus or targeting different readrship
  3. Modifying default stylesheets for PDF and HTML if a specific "distinct" styling is required