ITIL Processes and Activities

ITIL Process Activites Sub-Processes Tasks
Service Strategy Service Strategy Management Strategy Assessment
  • Analyze internal factors
  • Define market specs
  • Identify strategic industry factors
  • Establish objectives
Startegy Generation
  • Determine perspective
  • Form a position
  • Craft a plan
  • Adopt patterns of action
  • Document Service Strategy
Startegy Execution
  • Align assets to customer requirements
  • Optimize critical success factors
  • Prioritize investments
Financial management Accounting
  • Perform cost modeling
  • Identify cost elements
  • Classify cost types
  • Identify cost centers
  • Identify cost units
  • Generate chart of accounts
  • Analyze and generate reporting
  • Generate action plans
  • Analyze previous budget
  • Specify changes to funding and spending
  • Evaluate plans
  • Estimate cost and income
  • Prepare budget
  • Approve budget
  • Prepare charging policies
  • Perform investment analysis
  • Review compliance requirements
  • Perform impact analysis
  • Perform business optimization
Demand Management
Business Relationship Management (BRM)  
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Define outcomes
  • Specify startegic requirements
  • Specify funding
  • Define business case
  • Validate business activity patterns
Service Design Service Level Management (SLM)    
Service Catalog Management    
Availability Management    
Information Security Management    
Service Continuity Management (SCM)    
Information Security Management (ISM)    
Supplier Management    
Service Transition Change Management    
Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)    
Release and Deployment Management    
Service Validation and Testing    
Service Evaluation    
Knowledge Management    
Service Operation Incident Management    
Event Management    
Problem Management    
Request Fulfillment    
Access Management    
Application Management    
Continual Service Improvement    
  1. Define what you should measure
  2. Define what you can measure
  3. Gather the data
  4. Process the data
  5. Analyze the data
  6. Present and use the Information
  7. Implement corrective action