Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

No IT service is perfect. On the rare occasion a service is fully aligned with business requirements, it won’t stay that way for long. Services need to be continually improved to make sure they stay aligned with changing business needs. Continual improvement can be applied to IT services, its structure and its processes. Service quality, service cost and the efficiency of service delivery all need to be considered as part of any continual improvement initiative.


The scope of CSI covers all elements of IT services and service management, including every stage of the service lifecycle. It focuses on the four main areas:
  1. The health of IT service management
  2. The alignment of the Service Portfolio with current and future business needs
  3. Maturity and capability of people, processes, management structures and organisational structures that support services
  4. Continual improvement of services and service assets



CSI provides a focal point for improvement. It is much better than having fragmented improvement initiatives happening all over the organisation, leading to duplication and wasted resources. Introducing a culture of improvement delivers value. Services continually improve in both quality and cost effectiveness, and customers can be confident that changes in requirements will be accommodated.