The objective of this project is to document, to the farthest level possible, every method, XSLT template, and Ant parameter that could be used to customize PDF or XHTML output generated from a ditamap or topic using DITA OT. Other output format transformations are not considered at this time (mainly excluded are the various Help formats: HTML Help, Java Help, and Eclipse Help).

Customizing DITA output has been mainly documented in Chapters 16 “Customizing your published output, p. 174” of the OT User Guide [1], with a backward reference to some generic Ant parameters in Chapter 9 “Processing (building) and publishing DITA documents > Ant Processing Parameters, p.92”

The methodology provided in Ch. 16 for XHTML:

And for PDF:

The following methods for customizing XHTML output are explained in [2], p. 41:
And for customizing Idiom FO (PDF2), in [2], p. 49:


  1. DITA Open Toolkit User Guide, Fourth Edition - December 3, 2007 - DITA Open Toolkit 1.4.1
  2. Louise Kasemeier, DITA for SoloWriters, Lone-DITA, 2007